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e-Office software is application of technology for eliminating inefficiencies that caused by bureaucratic processes. Choosing the best e-Office software for your organization takes time. You should know your requirements & software capabilities in terms of functional & technical specifications.

In order to manage executive processes, every organization have to deal with massive amounts of letter writing & communication which is very hard & time consuming. It’s going to be twice as hard when you have physical distribution between different operational units that need to communicate.


Nomatec e-Office provides solutions for everyday business requirements so that the operation will be done faster, more accurate & flawless. With Nomatec e-Office you can easily:
• Add required secretariats (private, general, local, …) with authorized users to use them;
• Assign personal cartable to users to view, write, edit, delete, respond to letters;
• Manage daily correspondence inter/intra organization;
• Use different communication tools like ECE protocol, Emails, formal & informal letters;
• Use personal calendar to manage assigned tasks;
• Prioritize tasks on the calendar & monitor progress;
• Share your calendar with colleagues & assign task to them;
• Use communication solutions to facilitate organizational relations between personnel;
• Receive/send fax into e-Office;
• Use “Nomatec messaging system” for informal communication;
• Notify users when special events happens using SMS texting.
• & …