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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain is the flow of information & material that may starts with supplying raw material or finished products from a qualified supplier, so that you can fulfill orders placed by your customers.

Nomatec supply chain management enable you to integrate three main processes: procurement management, warehouse management & sales management, so you can have profitable relationship with both suppliers & customers.


Procurement management

This process will help you to purchase raw material, final products or services from suppliers and sell them to your customers. Choosing the best supplier according to your requirements, scheduling, financial resources, etc. is tricky. Nomatec will give you a method, a best practice, to evaluate suppliers under different circumstances so that you can choose the best, supply what you need & deliver on time.

Sales management

Sales management facilitate the direction of activities & functions that are involved in selling products & services. Using sales techniques, you can take orders from your customer, sell the product or service & give them an invoice or receipt. Nomatec will give you the processes, tools & techniques that you need to manage sales team, increase sales performance, forecast future sale, plan accordingly & achieve sales objectives.

Warehouse management

Inventory managers face many challenges in handling the huge volume of data related to inventory transaction, receiving products & raw material, storing, shipping, etc. Nomatec warehouse management provides you a system that lets you handle this information, orders, receipts, storage of material and products supplied, keep inventory in safety level, plan transportation & track inventory.