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Product Planning Management

Manufacturing industries face many complications in every aspect of their operation: from product engineering & capacity planning, workforce capacity planning, availability of machinery & equipment to production planning & scheduling, material requirement planning, material purchasing & so on.

Nomatec production planning software, designed to meet manufacturer’s complex need in many manufacturing environments: Make to order, Make to stock, Configure to order, Assemble to order, Engineer to order, Mixed mode manufacturing, Batch or continues production, … .


In order to calculate customer demand, capacity of production units & workforce, material requirement planning (MRP), operation control, Nomatec production planning will give you a complete solution. So you can have higher gross margins, higher customer retention, less inventory, shorter cash to cycle times, shorter lead times, increase in revenue and so on.

Nomatec production planning has been designed and developed with a comprehensive view of the best methods available and helps you to carry out the most difficult organizational operations in manufacturing environments.

Special features of Nomatec Production planning:

• Provide company-wide visibility
• Accessing to real time information anywhere, anytime on any device
• Agile decision making
• Adapt to new manufacturing methods & changing customer requirements
• Improve quality
• Optimize inventory
• Optimize production resource allocation
• Automatic long term, midterm & short term production planning
• Define test plans for quality control
• Automatic test confirmation according to predefined criteria