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Human Resource Management

Human capital is the most important asset that an organization can have in a completive market. So management of workforce in every aspect of it. Human resource management or in short HRM is an organizational function that concerns with managing people within the organization in order to effectively align organizational goals with human resource practices.

Nomatec Human resource management will organize, automate, integrate & simplify your HR processes: recruitment, time attendance management, payroll management, training management & performance management.


Presence and Absence Software

The presence and absence software is a module that keeps the information related to the days of personnel presence and absence at the company in form of a written document. It also records information about assignments and overtime work done by the manpower of the company. All companies large and small which are looking for better and more dynamic planning of their personnel, and so an optimum and simple solution for the calculation of their salaries and benefits may use this software.