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Financial Management

Ultimate goal of every business today is to make profit. Managing & controlling accounts & interactions with customers, partners & financial institution is a must to survive in this competitive environment. The success of a company on a mid-term and long-term horizon depends on proper and smart management of assets, debts, incomes and expenditures.

Nomatec financial management and accounting is a system design to help every business achieve sound financial management. While legacy systems or employing spreadsheets were methods that enterprises used to handle financial management, as the need for centralized and visibility increase, they turn to software solutions like Nomatec financial management and accounting.


Nomatec financial management and accounting will automate your financial processes & integrate them with other processes like Payroll management (HR), Procurement & Sales Management (SCM), production planning (PLM). This system goes beyond just recording precise information and provide deep analysis, reports & insights to managers so that they can make better, responsive decisions.

This system goes beyond the accurate and precise filing of information and presents important analysis and reports to managers.

Features of Nomatec financial management and accounting:
• General ledger
• Cash management
• Account receivable, account payable
• Payroll
• Electronic fund transfer
• Fiscal reporting
• Fixed assets management
• Tax management
• Monitoring
• Financial forecasting
• Budget allocation
• Enterprise performance management