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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning proposes a solution for Managing the performance of organizational processes thereby helping an enterprise to better use its resources. This solution is presented in the form of a software package so that the enterprise will have an integrated system to plan available resources including human resources, financial resources, machinery & equipment, etc.


Accessing accurate and reliable information for every enterprise play a critical role in enterprise agility & real time decision making. Suppose you are the director of an enterprise. You want to know:

• How many orders are placed every day?
• How much raw material do you need to fulfill customer orders?
• What is the safe level of inventory to store raw material?
• How should you plan your production?
• What is the cost of your product?
• What is the quantity of resources available to your enterprise?
• Which machinery and equipment have had more productivity and output?
• Which of your activities made more profit for you?
• Which transactions were more risky for your enterprise?
• What is the situation of your cash flow?

Nomatec’s web based ERP software integrates all processes of the enterprise including:

• Supply Chain Management (SCM)
• Production Planning Management (PLM)
• Financial Management (Finance)
• Human Resource Management (HRM)
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)