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Customer Relationship Management

Every company tries to acquire more customer and more market share in today’s business environment. Providing great customer service, on time delivery, recognizing customers & real time access to their purchasing history will give you loyal customers. Only this way you can keep the enterprise market share & insure market growth.

It is almost impossible to manage your business processes when they expands or become more complex. So you are going to need a CRM or customer relationship management system that will integrates your processes from marketing, sales and customer support.


Nomatec CRM will help you connect to your customer in a new way so that they literally become the most valuable assets of you. Applying this integrated system, you will be able to manage leads from early states and guide them through sales funnel to make a deal.

You should know your customers so that suggest what they need when they need it, to upsell & cross-sell, to help them purchase what they want, to become your loyal customers and finally for you to boost sale & achieve financial goals.

Nomatec CRM is a solution beyond your expectation that increase your sale representative & sale team performance immediately. It will provide accurate, online & insightful information for you & other branches of your enterprise that may be in different regions. Since Nomatec CRM developed using web-based technology, you can also use the system not only in every branch, but also in any place & on any device with internet access.

Your marketing experts will simply enter the potential customers into the system and assess them on the basis of the special methods of your enterprise for lead scoring. They can also launch marketing campaigns to gather more leads. Your sales team then can contact this qualified leads & discuss what product or service they might be interested in. After selling your product/services your support team will be there to help customers with all they need. All of this processes will integrated in a Nomatec CRM system that will give you best results.

Special Features of Nomatec CRM
• Intelligent Segmentation of your customers
• Help marketing/sale managers to increase productivity of campaigns
• Evaluation of leads & lead scoring
• Sale history/ contact history of customers
• Visual demonstration of sales funnel
• Overall order status
• Overall sales status
• Periodic sales status (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, …)
• Simplify operation and processes management