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Legal Department

Six years ago the legal team of Hendizadeh & Associates with the help of Nomatec Co. set out on a journey that continues even today – a long journey to overcome two major obstacles. Perhaps we may say that Matican is the largest and most comprehensive legal website of Iran. ??? One of the obstacles is the disarray in searching trademarks and as a result many difficulties in their registration and protection; the other, finding laws, decisions and opinions which are effective tools in the hands of lawyers and commercial enterprises.

Overcoming difficulties in recording trademarks required several years exhausting work for entering all registered trademarks and certainly writing an intelligent and precise program for their search. The issue of simplifying the search for laws needed care, scrupulousness and legal knowledge as well as clever and nimble software. We overcame those two difficulties. Matican came into being by joining legal knowledge to program writing. It is not simply a website, a stockpile of information. It is a companion that never leaves its user alone; it understands their needs and helps them achieve what they are searching for.